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Holyhead Beach
Holyhead Beach, situated near the bustling port town of Holyhead, offers a mix of rugged coastal beauty and maritime charm. The area boasts several beaches, including the popular Newry Beach, which is easily accessible and provides stunning views of the marina and breakwater. Holyhead's coastal location makes it ideal for water activities, scenic walks, and exploring the nearby Holyhead Mountain and South Stack Lighthouse. The region's rich history, including Roman and maritime heritage, adds depth to any visit, offering both relaxation and educational opportunities.


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Our Day at Holyhead Beach

Hunting for Sea Glass

While I have not personally visited this particular beach, the information provided on this site is a compilation of contributions and experiences from a community of individuals who have. Their insights offer a broad view of what to expect and how to maximize your sea glass hunting adventure there. If you have had the opportunity to explore this location and gather sea glass, your input would be highly valued. By sharing your experience, tips, or any unique finds in the comment section below, you can help enrich this resource for future visitors and fellow enthusiasts. Your knowledge and perspective are what make this community informative and engaging, so please don’t hesitate to contribute.

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There is parking available near Newry Beach and the surrounding areas, including near the marina and various points along the promenade. Given its popularity, especially during the summer or ferry transit times, arriving early is recommended to secure a good parking spot.


From the A55, take the exit toward Holyhead town center. Follow the signs directing you to the marina or Newry Beach, which are well-indicated around the town. Parking is available near the beach or marina, with additional options in the town center.


Public toilets are available at or near Newry Beach and along the promenade.


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