Argyll and Bute
Inveraray Beach
Inveraray, while known more for its historic architecture and stunning loch-side setting, doesn't feature a traditional sandy beach. Instead, it offers peaceful shorelines along Loch Fyne, perfect for tranquil walks and enjoying the scenic beauty. The town is renowned for its iconic Inveraray Castle and a charming Georgian town center, offering a picturesque backdrop for visitors. The shores of Loch Fyne near Inveraray provide opportunities for picnicking, stone skimming, and enjoying the serene water views. It's an ideal spot for those interested in photography, history, or simply soaking up the tranquil atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands.


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Our Day at Inveraray Beach

Hunting for Sea Glass

While I have not personally visited this particular beach, the information provided on this site is a compilation of contributions and experiences from a community of individuals who have. Their insights offer a broad view of what to expect and how to maximize your sea glass hunting adventure there. If you have had the opportunity to explore this location and gather sea glass, your input would be highly valued. By sharing your experience, tips, or any unique finds in the comment section below, you can help enrich this resource for future visitors and fellow enthusiasts. Your knowledge and perspective are what make this community informative and engaging, so please don’t hesitate to contribute.

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Parking can be found throughout Inveraray, including near the castle and in the town center. From there, it's an easy stroll to the loch's edge.


From Glasgow, take the A82 north towards Loch Lomond, then transition to the A83 at Tarbet, heading towards Inveraray. Follow the A83 directly into Inveraray, and as you reach the town, the shores of Loch Fyne are easily accessible. Parking is available in the town center, from where you can walk to various vantage points along the loch.


Public toilets are available in Inveraray town center, a short walk from the loch shores.


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